H.I.P.E Production

The Harmonic Infusions Production and Enrichment Company (HIPE)  brings the arts community together to enhance learning, create opportunities, and to set the stage for Birmingham to rival Atlanta and other major cities in becoming an arts and entertainment powerhouse. This collaboration and infusion of dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers, and producers will impact the entertainment  and performing art industries local and beyond.

H.I.P.E. Nation serves as a central resource for dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers to network, collaborate and grow their knowledge, skills, and talent while pursuing their dreams!

HIPE brings a unique and creative vision to a to production through the ‘Infusion Process’ which is a collaboration with event managers, producers, and staff to bring the vision to life. Working from inception and on through to casting, music, set design, lighting, costume, choreography and many other creative elements HIPE provides the ultimate creative team for your production. 

Our creative team and partners can take your ideas and bring them to life. We are able to help with choreography, casting, creative show concepts, lighting, costume design, and more. The quality of your entertainment and experiences are only as great as the team behind it. Our committed team specializes in adapting to your specific needs, vision, and budget to ensure your event is a memorable success.