H.I. Creative Consultants brings a unique and creative vision to your event through our uniquely customized ‘Infusion Process’.  This collaboration with our creative team of arts and entertainment professionals  consisting of  event managers, producers, choreographers, musicians, and staff curate a one of a kind event that will bring your vision to life. 

Our team works from inception through implementation to facilitate all performance and production aspects of your event. 

Don't believe the hype..... be the H.I.P.E

The Harmonic Infusions Production and Enrichment Company (HIPE)  brings the arts community together to enhance learning, create opportunities, and to set the stage for Birmingham to rival Atlanta and other major cities in becoming an arts and entertainment powerhouse. This collaboration and infusion of dancers, singers, musicians, choreographers, and producers will impact the entertainment  and performing art industries local and beyond. 

The vision of HIPE is to create a more unified, supportive, and accessible performing arts community. We believe that everyone has something to offer their community and the world by way of their talents, voice, actions, and their purpose.

Learn To Dance Through
A Hands On Approach

Learn To Dance In A Better Way

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Grow your knowledge, skills, and talent while pursuing your dreams!

Soul Flow

Trap Tap

Hipe Hop

Ballet Boom

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